To Efinity And Beyond


MobiPad presents you a smarter way to IDO on Efinity Network.


MobiPad will Function as a fundraiser platform for Efinity Network, get in touch with us if you plan on building within Enjin's Ecosystem.

Welcome to MobiPad



Safu Funds

MobiPad is the first launchpad to set up a pool of funds devoted to ensuring our investors do not lose capital.

Multi-Chain Fundraise

MobiPad offers developers the opportunity to raise funds across different Blockchain networks.

Tiered System

The users hold/own tokens/NFTs in order to gain investment power into innovative projects launched on the platform.

Auto-Claim Pool

MobiPad offers the ability to auto-claim vested tokens after fundraising independent of both project owners and the MobiPad team.


MobiPad offers a path to insure investors against potential scams or rugs by setting up the SAFU Fund.

Mobile App

We are the first-ever blockchain launchpad with a mobile app. Now,your investment platform is 100x closer to you.

What We Do

We specialize in bridging the gap between your ideas and funding, we help you shape your innovative ideas from concept to launch via the advisory board,financial support, and leveraging our connections.

MobiPad is built to aid innovative startups within GameFi and the Metaverse ecosystem to easily raise capital and to get the needed help across all aspects of building a strong project.

Introducing the MobiPad Information (MobiPad) App

Investment Mobility: with MobiPad App, carry your investment platform with you anywhere you goand invest any and everywhere that is convenient for you. The app contains All Features on the Launchpad and also keeps our users are kept informed about project developments such as vesting announcements, exchange listings and more.

MobiPad becomes the first Blockchain LaunchPad to offer users more ability to interact with our platform via our Mobile App solution.