Multi-Chain Fundraise System

MobiPad offers developers the opportunity to raise funds across different Blockchain networks. Investors can now invest in their favorite projects irrespective of the Network chain.

Mobile Launchpad

We are the first-ever blockchain launchpad with a mobile app. Now, your investment platform is 100x closer to you.

One-View Dashboard

The MobiPad One-View integration gives investors access to key information including the number of IDO projects they've invested in, token vestings, investment ROIs, token released/unreleased status, and so on. An all-in-one dashboard that takes care of the complicated math for you.

Anti-Rug / SAFU Funds

MobiPad offers a path to insure investors against potential scams or rugs by setting up the SAFU Fund, the fund will enable the team to refund investors in cases where they are unable to get their capital back.

Auto-Claim Portal & Auto Invest

MobiPad offers the ability to auto claim vested tokens after fundraising independent of both project owners and the MobiPad team. Fewer worries about delayed vesting release.

Tiered System

MobiPad presents you with an awesome tiered system, this means that users are required to hold/own tokens to gain investment power into innovative projects launched on the platform.

What We Do

We specialize in bridging the gap between your ideas and funding, we help you shape your innovative ideas from concept to launch via the advisory board, financial support, and leveraging our connections.

MobiPad is built to aid innovative startups within GameFi and the Metaverse ecosystem to easily raise capital and to get the needed help across all aspects of building a strong project.


MobiPad functions as a multi-chain fundraise platform with initial support for the chains below. More chains will be added on demand.

Welcome to MobiPad Ecosystem


We provide you a fundraising platform with a simple UI/UX. Our goal is to create a mechanism that allows project owners to acquire funding while also allowing investors to participate early in ventures.


MobiPad NFTs would grant investors power to invest in different projects, it functions as one of our tiered structures.

Game Studio

MobiPad is powered by DarkShield Games Studio, a multi-chain studio that helps create 2D, 3D games. All blockchain projects incubated by DarkShield Game Studio will be launched on MobiPad.

MobiPad Tokens

MobiPad will be powered by MBP, owning the token would allow you access to early-stage investments. It will serve as Governance Token via our DAO Structure.


Introducing the MobiPad App

Investment Mobility: with MobiPad App, carry your investment platform with you anywhere you go and invest any and everywhere that is convenient for you.

Our mobile app contains all features on the Launchpad and it keep investors updated on project developments such as vesting announcements, IDO listings, exchange listings, and more.

We are excited to introduce you to the first Blockchain LaunchPad with a Mobile App


Nsikak Liberty

Co-founder and CEO

Oyetunji Ibrahim


Andrew Okagbare

Head of Partnerships


Ganesh Kumar

Mobile and Web UI/UX Designer


Launchpad Manager


Community Manager


Social Media Lead


Design and Graphics

Sketched World VERSE

NFT Artist

Ramazan Gklp

Marketing Manager


Anderson Xu

Founder WTMC Studio

Yash Dahenkar

CEO AcknoLedger

Backers & Partners